Different Places. Different Hosts. Same Home Experience.

Remove the uncertainty of AirbnbTM and other home-sharing platforms. Wherever you are, know that when you’re at PermaGO, all you need to bring are the clothes on your back and we’ll take care of the rest. If you need anything else, our local hosts are trained to make your travel experience as easy and comfortable as possible.

Common Areas

Life is too short for hassles, especially when you’re traveling! So why not stay with like-minded and respectful people to avoid all the negatives of shared environments like at cheap hostels or Airbnbs™?

Enjoy our exclusive brand of fun and vibrant homes without ever having to compromise on quality, cleanliness, or hosting services. Make new friends over premium coffees or teas! Surf the net on our iMac, or sit back and channel-surf for your favorite shows! Enjoy all the comforts and serenity of home while you’re on-the-GO!

Shared Rooms

At PermaGO, you can sleep soundly knowing that you’re sharing the room with adults who will respect your privacy and property. These rooms are perfect for those traveling alone and looking to socialize with others. We have a zero-tolerance policy for troublemakers or those who are disrespectful in any way. At PermaGO, it’s all about respect.

Private Rooms

For members looking for a bit more space, some hosts offer entire rooms that can accommodate more than one member, whether in bunk beds, or in full or queen-sized mattresses. With a growing variety of hosts and lodging options worldwide, members will be able to travel Permanently—on-the-GO!

Check out what PermaGO members had to say!

“Loved how it felt like my own living space. So you could say that I really felt at home. Overall, well furnished.” - Nathan, USA

“I loved everything: The location, the room (very clean) and especially the host. He was very nice an even gave me a room with a gorgeous view just because I said that a 'room with a view is on my bucket-list.'” - Paul, Romania

“Very good location. Clean. Met fun people. Very helpful staff.” - Ruanshiyu, Germany

“Excellent service and facilities. Five-star location. Had good conversations with folks who stayed at the same time. Thank you for the great experience.” - Lu, China

“The perfect location. The flat was super clean, the coffee machine useful in the morning. It’s great to have a small place to chill while at home. The possibility of meeting new people is also nice.” - Florian, Switzerland

Why host with us?

1. Host Legally

Live-in and share your home with others responsibly. No more hiding, no more gray-areas. Become a PermaGO Host and learn how!

2. Get Respect

Before stepping inside your home, PermaGO members will already know to follow the golden rules of being a respectful human being.

3. Earn Money

Forget about “good seasons” and “bad seasons.” With PermaGO, whether you host 1 or ten of our members each month, your salary does not change.