The Social Travel ExperienceTM

Connecting you with good people
while you're on-the-GO!


1. Move

When you take your trip, we’ll take care of the rest

A cloud assistant takes care of the essentials like reservations, scheduling, research, or equipping you with a smartphone upon arrival so you can stay connected to your entire network.




2. Stay

Within our network of Cloud Assistants and PermaGO Hosts, you’ll always find convenient spaces to work and comfortable spaces to rest

When you’re a Passport Member, you’ll enjoy complimentary use of our Home and Office Bridges™ with every Cloud Assistant reservation.

Wall Street Home Bridge

3. Connect

Propose, Join, and Meet Up on
Iceberg® - The Social Travel NetworkTM

Your life is your story. Discover the people you’re destined to meet. Whether you’re a global traveler seeking fellow adventurers, or a friendly local interested in sharing your city’s secrets, experience the most authentic way to meet the friends you haven’t yet met.