Presenting the most comfortable home-on-wheels the world has ever seen, from the travel accommodations company that's been miles ahead for over a decade. Now writing orders for 2024 delivery; pre-owned vans may also be available.


by PermaGO

Make home wherever you park it.  Keep the simplicity of the road and know you're moving forward. Create precious moments and relive the memories with new friends. Integrating over a decade of PermaGO's legacy experience in lodging accommodations, The Darling's arrival is an ABSOLUTE game-changer!


Tambour Sliding Privacy

It's an instant privacy kind of experience that only a sliding door could achieve. Not only quick and easy to gain access to the cabin, but a tambour sliding door delivers a satsfying level of separation between your living, and your moving. Retaining the privacy of a wall without the permanence of separation, this contemporary design choice is just another example of what defines the PermaGO experience.

CORIAN® Countertop

CORIAN® is that modest touch of luxury that is both unassuming, yet fully aware of its timeless beauty. Capturing the durability of quartz, but with the softness of wood, The Darling's matte-white countertop extends an extra two feet for the perfect preparation spot. Removable sink covers blend seamlessly within the environment, helping to create an impression that the heart of the home -- is in the kitchen. Special thanks to MAHA EXPO for their amazing support and contribution to The Darling.

3-Burner Cooktop & Oven

No place can truly be home without at least the possibility of freshly-baked cookies. Whether you're camped with a view or on the open road, home-cooked recipes can be recreated effortlessly without sacrificing taste. For hosts that wish to impress others with small feasts, showcasing those skills -- whether at an impromptu beach gathering, or pulled up in an old friend's driveway -- will be greatly enhanced by this cooktop and oven option.

Nebia by MOEN®

It's been described as a rainshower by its industry-leading manufacturer, MOEN®. Selected for both its impressive 1.35 gallons per minute, as well as its sleek design lines, The Darling offers its travelers an option that's too good to pass up; especially after a long day's drive.  Sometimes, it just makes sense to invest in ourselves and all the things that delight us with that sense of freedom.  PermaGO freedom.

1-Button Bed Lift System

Although it's been said that we're creatures of habit, the Darling doesn’t demand any more effort than lifting a finger. It’s good feng shui whether it’s hidden above, or ready to accommodate weary travelers.  Life transforms at the push of a button!

Live - Work - Play

It's a space that’s easy to remember.  A space for all of life's activities worth remembering: the dining, the working, the game nights, and the happy birthdays.  Moments remembered through more than a sense.  It’s the perfect setting for friends—old and new—to gather.  Every journey encompasses multiple milestones, and in each there's an opportunity to live in those moments just a little longer… in The Darling.


Clean & Thoughtful Aesthetics

From our first location in downtown New York, PermaGO has kept true to the streamlined designs of building clean, modern, and accessible living spaces. Less in tradition and more in adhering to the basic principles of modern living, modern comforts, and modern expectations in what defines a home.  It's not comfort reimagined, it's comfort on-the-GO as we have taken a comprehensive approach to instilling these elements in every inch of The Darling.

Prototype 2

Distilled from the countless hours of prototyping layouts, every feature has been laid to precise specs.

Prototype 1

PermaGO's unique sofa/bench and cabinets are the keys to containing the water & electrical components.

Our team’s entire checklist of comforts and amenities has been accommodated by The Darling...

Home: on-the-GO!

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